Experience personalised AI emotional support

Grow through life's ups and downs

Your AI companion that helps you see your life more clearly, with honest insights and supportive conversations

Share in a Safe Space

Iro is empathic, supportive and non-judgemental. Always there for you when you need to express your feelings.

Find Insight
with Pattern Recognition

Iro asks thoughtful questions to understand you. It learns as you share and helps you connect the dots.

with Proven Methodologies

Iro suggests small, actionable steps, based on a mix of evidenced-based practices adapted to you, from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Mindfulness

Connecting Dots

Iro helps you identify your emotions and brings attention to how they relate to everything else you have shared.

Insight Map

Iro keeps track of recurring themes, to foster self-awareness and personal growth. Choose where to go deeper within any theme.

Full transparency

Peek behind the scenes to understand the reasoning behind any of IRO's messages and suggestions.

Explore your inner world to find perspective

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personalised mental health care.

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